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Using content from the My Bluecoat website

The My Bluecoat website was set up to make archival material relating to the Bluecoat building available and accessible to all. It is a resource for people to find out about and research the building’s long history, both as a charity school and an arts centre. We are also keen that people contribute their own ‘Bluecoat stories’ to the site.

Content on the My Bluecoat website is also published for your enjoyment. You may freely access and store the majority of it for personal or private use.


Please respect the following Terms of Use which set out the use you can make of the website.

The intellectual property rights in all ‘Content’ (including images, editorial or descriptive text, footage or any other media) featured within this website and selected social media platforms, is owned by the 'Bluecoat' and other copyright owners, as specified wherever possible.


Using content from the My Bluecoat website for non-commercial purposes

'Bluecoat Owned Content', in which the Bluecoat owns copyright (or related rights), may be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes in line with fair use guidelines.

The Bluecoat considers non-commercial use to be any use that is not intended for or directed towards commercial advantage or monetary compensation.

Here are some examples of non-commercial use of Content featured on the My Bluecoat site which are permitted, except where other terms expressly apply:

  • Downloading and printing of My Bluecoat-copyrighted Learning Resources for non-commercial educational use
  • Linking to Content and collections featured on the My Bluecoat website
  • Downloading any audio-visual Content for use offline for educational, personal or private use

The reproduction of content in limited numbers is acceptable for non-commercial academic institutions, where it is deemed as reasonable. 

Bluecoat, as well as any copyright holders credited in relation to specific Content, should be credited for the use of the material.  

Nothing in these terms restricts your right to use Content where the use is covered by a copyright exception under the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988. It is your responsibility to make sure you comply with the copyright exceptions before using in-copyright Content.

For further information please refer to the UK Intellectual Property website:


Using content from the My Bluecoat website for commercial purposes

If you wish to use any of the Content featured on the My Bluecoat website for commercial purposes, you should contact us directly, contact details given at the end of this document.


Third Party Content

The Bluecoat has made all reasonable efforts to identify any Content in which a third party owns copyright (‘Third Party Content’), and to secure permission for its use on the My Bluecoat website.

If you believe that the use of any Content infringes yours, or someone else's rights, please refer to the Copyright Statement.


Your stories - sharing and uploading content to the My Bluecoat website 

We encourage people who have an experience of Bluecoat, or a story that would be of interest, to share these with us. However, please note the following:

By uploading and sharing your Content, you agree to our usage of it free of charge, and grant us permission to edit and use it on the My Bluecoat website and related social media. If we wish to use your Content outside of these, we will contact you directly to request permission.

Please also note:

  • Submit only photographs and videos you have taken yourself of a relevant event, place or exhibition, for example.
  • By submitting images and other Content, users grant Bluecoat permission to publish them on the website and use them in related promotional materials.
  • Bluecoat expects photographers to have obtained consent from any people prominently pictured.
  • Bluecoat reserves the right not to publish images or other Content we deem offensive, inappropriate, not relevant to the My Bluecoat website, of insufficient quality, or where there may be a breach of copyright.
  • Bluecoat asks you not to photograph or record any performance or event at which photography is prohibited.

Bluecoat reserves the right not to publish any user-submitted Content that is deemed commercial, or that promotes a product or service, or in any other way is contrary to the values of Bluecoat.


Our Liability

The material displayed on the My Bluecoat website is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy. Please see Section 6, Liabilities, of our Terms and Conditions


Copyright Statement

Bluecoat has made all reasonable efforts to protect the intellectual property rights of itself, its partners and others who have contributed Content to this project. To the best of our knowledge, the Content on the My Bluecoat website has been cleared with the appropriate rights holder, is out-of-copyright, is copyright to Bluecoat, or to its partners in the My Bluecoat project, or permissions have been granted for its use.

In all instances, the copyright subsists with the original creator, photographer, artist or author. Bluecoat recognises the moral right of all creators to their own copyright.

If you believe that the use of any Content on this site infringes yours or someone else’s rights, then please contact us, stating: your name and contact details, the nature of the complaint, the address where the material was found, and proof that you are the rights holder.  

My Bluecoat will respond to and take any action it considers necessary in respect of all genuine and evidenced complaints or other correspondence received concerning alleged unauthorised use of third party rights.


Data protection

The Bluecoat will keep a record of any information you provide about yourself and your downloaded content for rights management and enforcement purposes but, except for such purposes, will not provide that information to any third party and will otherwise comply with all applicable laws (including the Data Protection Act 1998).


Law and jurisdiction

These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of England and Wales, and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising from them.



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