Pupils will learn about Liverpool’s history as a trading port and its involvement in Transatlantic slavery. By using artwork exhibited at Bluecoat, pupils will explore this brutal and troubling aspect of Liverpool and Bluecoat’s past.


Core activities: 5 x 1 hour session

Aims and Outcomes

  • Pupils will have learned about the history of Liverpool and its links to the Transatlantic Slave Trade. They will have learned how the town grew as a result of increased trade
  • Pupils will have learned about the impact that the Transatlantic Slave Trade had on enslaved African people
  • Pupils will have learned how artists today tackle difficult and upsetting issues


Project 06 Transatlantic Slavery

Teachers Powerpoint


 Artists and their work

Andrew Robarts' artwork

Andrew Robarts' worksheet


George Brown - Facts about Slavery

George Brown - Teachers worksheet

George Brown - Portrait worksheet 1

George Brown James Portrait

George Brown - Portrait worksheet 2

Juginda Lamba - Artwork

Juginda Lamba - Worksheet



Maria Magdalena Campos - Artwork

Maria Magdalena Campos - Worksheet

South Atlantic Souvenirs

South Atlantic Souvenirs - Modern Slavery

South Atlantic Souvenirs - Coffee information

South Atlantic Souvenirs - Coffee jar worksheet

South Atlantic Souvenirs - Garment Information

South Atlantic Souvenirs - Garment worksheet

South Atlantic Souvenirs - Diamond information

South Atlantic Souvenirs - Diamond worksheet