Pupils will explore the role that the artist plays in society and why art is important. They will look at the range of art – from different artists and cultures – that we exhibit at Bluecoat

Core activities: 5 x 1 hour session
Extension activity: 1 x 1 hour session

Aims and Outcomes

  • Pupils will have gained an awareness about the importance of art and the artist in society
  • Pupils will have gained confidence in looking at and talking about art and how to express their own opinions on what art they do and don’t like

Teachers Resources

Project 05 - the importance of Art in Society

Presentation Art and Society

Core Activity

George Jardine

George Jardine Surrealist Bluecoat

George Jardine Word Association Game

Jacob Epstein

Julia Carter Preston

Julia Carter Preston Worksheet

Julia Carter Preston Telephone

Julia Carter Preston Pen

Julia Carter Preston Lamp

Julia Carter Preston Kettle

Julia Carter Preston Chair

Larissa Sansour

Larissa Sansour Time Capsule Worksheet

Larissa Sansour Time Capsule template

Louisa Martin

Louisa Martin Worksheet


Extension Activity

Artists Studio Blank



weaving studio Bluecoat Liverpool Stan Hill artistGeorge Jardine artist Neville Clock Maker artists studio Bluecoat Liverpool