Pupils will learn about the lives of children in the past and the opportunities they had when they left
school. Pupils will think about how the lives of children have changed through time and the importance of freedom of choice.

Core activity: 1 x 1 hour session
Extension activity: 1 x 1 hour session

Aims and Outcomes

  • Pupils will have learned about the lives of people from the past
  • Pupils will have learned more about the idea of freedom and why it is so important


Teachers Resources

Project 03 - Indentures

Presentation Indenture


 Core Activity

Indenture - Historical

Indenture - Modern

Rules for an Apprenticeship

Extension activity

Freedom to Choose

Children at Blue Coat School did not have the freedom of choice to choose their own career. Pupils should discuss why freedom of choice is so important and how this might have changed over the last 300 years before completing the worksheet.