Welcome to our Family Heritage Trail

We've hidden six QR codes on posters around the building but we have made them easy to find by providing our heritage adventurers with a map. If you haven't got a map yet, you can pick one up at the Information Desk. The Map which will help you complete our tour.

You can find each clue to our story by looking for the shapes six QR codes hidden around the building?

Can you find them all?  

How to use the Trail

1. You'll need to download a free QR code reader app.

The Bluecoat has free WiFi so you can log onto that for free. 

Name: Bluecoat Guest
Password: bluecoatguest

Then you can go to your app store and download a QR code reader. If you are unsure how to do this then ask your parent or guardian for help. When that is done you'll be ready to start. 

2. Find our hidden QR panels around the building.

You'll need to match the shapes on the pages to the shape on your map.

3. Open the app and scan the code to find the answer.

You can find pens and pencils in our Children's corner

Have you done them all?

Once you have completed them all then you can show your finished trail at the front desk to claim a prize. 

Good Luck.