Captain Beefheart Weekend music gig: Pale Rider

The Captain Beefheart Weekend in November 2017 featured a gig at District, 'Fast N’ Bulbous: A Musical Celebration of Captain Beefheart' curated by Kyle Percy. Bands influenced by the musician performed their own original music alongside re-workings of his songs. The majority of the musicians were from Liverpool, reflecting Beefheart's continuing influence in the city: Edgar Jones and the New Joneses, a.P.A.t.T., Strange Collective, Dave McCabe (The Zutons), Psycho Comedy, The Cubical, Karm, and Pale Rider. They were joined, from the US, by former Magic Band member Gary Lucas. The next day, at Bluecoat, St Helens duo, Old Farts at Play, performed. The Weekend was organised by Kyle Percy, working with Chris McCabe, Head Librarian at the National Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, London, and Bluecoat's Artistic Director. Photo: John Johnson.