Poster for 2004 live art programme, Liverpool Live

Bluecoat organised several live art programmes during the Liverpool Biennial. The second, in 2004, included two events over the opening weekend in Bluecoat's front courtyard and the city centre: Alex Danko’s Rolling Home and Amanda Coogan’s Beethoven the Headbangers. Other artists, many from outside the UK, included Denis Buckley, Declan Rooney, Mary Prestidge, Bill Shannon, Silke Mansholt, Sharon Smith, Liz Aggis, Grace Surman, Sandra Johnson, Howard Matthew, Richard Dedomenici, Jonathon Pram, Wang Chu Yu, Sachiko Abe, Sebastian Solari, Cai Yuan & JJ Xi/Mad for Real, Qasim Riza Shaheen, Kaite O'Reilly, Denise Armstrong and Alison Jones, and a night of Nordic live art curated by Bob Connolly.