Poster for Democratic Promenade exhibition

Bluecoat devised a 'Liverpool, City of Radicals' theme for 2011, with a programme including this gallery exhibition, whose title came from a description of Liverpool's Pier Head in 1907 by Walter Dixon Scott. It featured work by Roderick Bisson, Pete Clarke, John Davies, Jeremy Deller, Dorothy, Nina Edge, Adrian Henri, David Jacques, Donald Lynch, Brian O’Toole, Dave Sinclair, Rose Vickers, Visual Stress, Oilver Walker, Peter Walsh, Graham Williams, Alan Dunn, Derek Horton, Michael Jenkins, Sam Meech, Albert Lipczinski, Pavel Buchler, Brigitte Jurack and Frank Milner. For the exhibition, artists group Dorothy set up a ‘political party’, The 1911 Party, its manifesto created from tweets, and events included a debate with the Democratic Audit around local accountability.