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Welcome to our archive. Here you can access everything in our inventory, including many items not in our themed collections. To find something specific, use the search function below. Type in what you are looking for in the Keywords space and press the Search button. Searches can be narrowed down according to time frame by using the sliders, using keywords such as ‘Beefheart’ or ‘dance’.

Highlights from the archives


Sun Ra and his Cosmic Love Arkestra at Bluecoat


Yoko Ono event at Bluecoat


Captain Beefheart exhibition artwork for poster


Lily Savage at the Liverpool Comedy Festival


School boy at front gates


Summer in the City


Jeremy Deller, Acid Brass

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Bluecoat Posters

This collection of posters provides a snapshot of Bluecoat's arts programme over the past 50 years, from Yoko Ono's 1967 performance to Pierre Henry's Liverpool Mass, presented at the Metropolitan Cathedral as part of Bluecoat's tercentenary programme in 2017. The posters represent just some of those in our archive and we will be adding to this collection in the coming months. Comprising mainly posters for exhibitions in the gallery, others are also included representing performances and literature events and other aspects of our work. The collection also reflects developments in graphic design and the use of typefaces, colour and imagery over this period.  If you have any posters from Bluecoat events that you would be willing to share with us, we would love to add them to our archive if we do not already have a copy.


Poster for Yoko Ono performance


Poster for Lawrence Arthur exhibition


Poster for Modern Primitive Painters exhibition


Poster for Bruce Onobrakpeya exhibition

Not just a pretty façade

Bluecoat's distinctive architecture marries the old with the new. The oldest building in central Liverpool and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, its Queen Anne style (though it was actually built after her death) is a fine example of late English baroque architecture. The first occupants, the Liverpool Blue Coat School (or Hospital), expanded for nearly two centuries, adding or replacing parts of the original building, while retaining its capital H shape and front façade features. Further renovation took place when the building formally became an arts centre in 1927. Severely damaged in Liverpool May blitz of 1941, Bluecoat was restored again, reopening in 1951, with further repairs that decade. The most recent changes saw a complete refurbishment and addition of a new arts wing in 2008. This collection comprises material - maps, drawings, photographs and documents - relating to this history and the presence of architectural practices in the building since the early 20th century.


Who built Bluecoat?


The Back Front of the Charity School


The North Prospect of the Charity Schoole at Leverpoole


Liberty Buildings

Blue Room

Blue Room is Bluecoat’s inclusive arts programme for learning disabled artists. Since 2008, three groups of artists have met weekly at the gallery to explore the exhibitions and create their own work.…


Blue Room explore Public View at Bluecoat


Blue Room explore Public View at Bluecoat


Blue Room respond to POOL


Blue Room explore In the Peaceful Dome at Bluecoat